I Think Obi-Wan’s Description of Mos Eisley Would Be Appropriate Here

President Obama will host a goodbye party for close friends and major donors at the White House this Friday.

I feel selfish, but I can’t help hoping it ends in hundreds of warrants and handcuffs.

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    • I would love to see someone photoshop the face of DenyRo [Hillary] over that of DeNiro in the baseball bat scene from “The Untouchables” :

      “So someone at this table leaked Podesta’s emails to Wikileaks . . . ”


      Hillary: “So I said: ‘Wiped? Like with a cloth’?”

      Staff: “Ha ha hah ha ha hah ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ah ha ha hah ha ha ha!”

      Hillary: “You: What are you laughing at??”

      Seth Rich: “? . . . That comment. I mean, it’s funny. You’re a funny candidate.”

      Hillary: “Funny how? Funny, like, I amuse you?”

      [Rest of staff starts to edge away. Donald Trump’s electoral collage results start to stream in over the TV in the background.]



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