Random Thoughts: Entering the Year of Trump

My wife remembers seeing the Sinbad genie movie in the early 90s and got angry when I told her it doesn’t exist.

Working from home, I now know why there are office that let you bring your dog but not ones that let you bring your cat.

I’ve heard some alarming reports that Donald Trump is close to obtaining nuclear weapons.

Half the movies you enjoyed as a kids never actually existed.

Weird. Some people remember as a kid seeing a version of Die Hard that wasn’t a Christmas movie.

Helped my mom get on Twitter so she could follow what Trump is up to.

The problem with the arguments that Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie is that they make you bad and wrong.

There’s a big difference between Christmas movies – like Die Hard – and movies just set during Christmas – like Die Hard 2.

“Be careful of the woods, my child. They are filled with clowns and Hillary Clinton.”

Is there a final Santa Clause movie where someone murders Tim Allen and has to take his place?

I’m pretty convinced that white-gold/blue-black dress has something to do with that alternate universe Sinbad genie movie.

Hidden Figures was really good. Great and inspiring story. Interesting juxtaposition of “this hasn’t been done before” of breaking gender/race barriers and getting men into space.

The 80s were so authoritarian. Remember “Skate or Die”? Now you have the freedom not to skate.

I’d rather have a terrible president everyone admits is terrible than a terrible president most of the media props up as smart and good.

I don’t get why anyone wants a state in the Middle East. Terrible neighborhood. Don’t see it gentrifying any time soon.

If you want to hack an election, can download election hacking code from GitHub. Can only swing election to major party, though.

At least we don’t have to worry about a new Cold War since we’re going to have a president who LOVES Russia.

If I’m ever a rockstar, I’m going to drink Rockstar energy drink for energy for rocking. I’ll also do similar if I’m turned into a monster.

I was thinking of telling my wife she looked pretty today, but I saw what happened with Steve Martin and his Carrie Fisher tweet.

#NeverTrump had little to no effect on voting, putting them on the same footing as Hollywood celebrities and the entirety of the MSM.

We have a bunch of weird dishonest pundits commenting on weird dishonest politicians.

Hey. A new article on why Trump is bad. This could change everything.

Are there any crazy schemes left to try and stop Trump? Petition John Roberts not to swear him in?
Quickly amend Constitution with a “no Trumps” clause?
Have Obama surrender country to Canada so they get to appoint our leader?
It was just cute watching people earnestly cling their hopes to idiotic ideas and it’s better than mass depression.

Don’t get yelling “Allahu akbar!” and killing people. “God is great!” seems like something you should yell before throwing out free candy.
“Ooh! Free candy! God really is great!”

What if Bernie had lost to Trump? We’d now have smug Hillary people saying how she’d have easily won. We’re not the worst timeline.

Kubo and the Two Strings was really good (and really beautiful). Shame it didn’t seem to find an audience.

Going to constantly hear about Trump for all the foreseeable future. Don’t know what Greatest Generation went through, but it wasn’t that.

The iOS version has poor controls and less features, but when you’re bored on a rainy day, you know what they say: “Any port in a storm.”

No one I know voted for Trump. Or for Hillary. I’m very lonely.

Trump seems like the villain from a little kid’s cartoon – bumbling and loud mouthed, not threatening. He’d be a good member of Team Rocket.
“Team Rocket has taken over the White House! We have to stop them before they steal Pikachu!”
But what does this make Hillary? Who is outwitted by Team Rocket?

The ethics committee should disband. There hasn’t been any ethics in Congress for years, so what’s its purpose?

I don’t think I could be president because I wouldn’t be able to help myself from punching most foreign leaders if I got close to them.
Or maybe I should be president.

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  1. “Going to constantly hear about Trump for all the foreseeable future. Don’t know what Greatest Generation went through, but it wasn’t that.”
    I want that title repealed. Sure they defeated the Nazis but they raised the Boomers. Net loss.


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