She’s Got Metal Fever!

In France, a woman has revealed she is in love with a robot and determined to marry it.

Perfect. I can’t wait until she finds an offended gay bakery and makes them do the wedding cake.

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  1. “Now get my lawyer: we’re heading to g-d Radio Shack to make them bake me a g-d wedding cake!”

    Uh-oh. If Elizabeth Warren hears about this, she’ll claim one of her parents was a robot, just to get the electronic voting machines to vote for her.

    Wonder who’ll be the automaton of honor?

    Who brought the wedding bandwith?

    They had to move in together; the long-distance relationship wasn’t working out, due to interference.

    Ceremony to be held in the Wee Kirk o’ the Creator.

    Some screen old, some screen new, some screen borrowed, and some screen blue.

    The computer views the human as a bit of a Zero, and remembers the One that got away.

    I’m not optimistic. They already have a registry, but one of them is a user.



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