The Illustrated Frank J: If You Want to Capture Someone’s Attention, Whisper


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Reinventing the Furry Wheel

New invention: an artificial intelligence headset that records brain waves, links them to the individual’s moods, and then composes original music to uplift its user’s feelings

Big deal. My cat does that when I scratch him behind the ears.

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New School Zero Tolerance Policy

[Submitted by slapout (High Praise!)]

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Link of the Day: The Dumbest Cliche in Movies

[High Praise! to Basic Instructions]

How to Reveal the Killer’s Identity

Go for the comic, stay for the commentary following the comic.

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If We Give Obama Another Peace Prize Will He Finally Shut Up?

Traditionally, most former Presidents don’t criticize the current President as a professional courtesy. Former President Obama bashed Trump after only 9 days.

Huh. The only thing Obama ever did in 9 days while in office was not go that long without playing golf.

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The Mexi-Cannon!

[reposted from 2007]

Illegal Mexicans got you down? You’d like to deport them, but think of all the paperwork and the long drive to toss them over the border.

But now, deporting Mexicans is as easy as saying “Go home, invader!” if you use…

Simply place the Mexican in the Mexi-Cannon™, and its patented cannon technology takes over from there, delivering the Mexican back to Mexico in the blink of an eye.

Still, there are millions of illegal Mexicans in America. Can one cannon really deport all of them?

Yes it can with its Rapid-Fire Action!

That’s right; the Mexi-Cannon™ can fire more than one Mexican at a time!

Soon all the Mexicans will be flying back to Mexico. Take that, evil Mexican Presidente!

The Mexi-Cannon™: For all your deportation needs!


Q. Can the Mexi-Cannon™ be used for deporting Canadians?
A. The FDA has only approved the use of the Mexi-Cannon™ on Mexicans.

Q. Will the Mexi-Cannon™ hurt Mexicans?
A. No. Mexicans don’t feel pain like you and me.

Q. Aren’t the Mexicans simply here to pick lettuce and thus don’t deserve to be fired out of a cannon?
A. Wrong! Picking lettuce used to be my job. Now I’m unemployed and have nothing left to do but sit around all day and draw pictures of Mexicans being fired out of cannons. Don’t let this happen to you; buy the Mexi-Cannon™ today!

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Straight Line of the Day: Liberals Are Furious Over President Trump’s Latest Executive Order…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Liberals are furious over President Trump’s latest executive order

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Iraq Proved You Need at Least 17 Plus an Angry America for Anything to Happen

Iran tested a new ballistic missile in defiance of a UN resolution prohibiting it.

Inconceivable. Quick! Pass another one to SUPER prohibit it.

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