The Illustrated Frank J: I’m Sure You’ve Got Your Own Two-Word Combos for Obama


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Speak Into the Ear Trumpet, Sonny!

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer he still believes most voters agree with Democratic ideals, though the party didn’t effectively convey them in November.

True. I think Democrats can definitely win next time as long as they present their message louder and angrier.

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Love Trumps Hate – So You’re Saying That Trump Is Like a Hate-Destroying Force of Nature?

[Submitted by slapout (High Praise!)]

Note: light Googling does not reveal the origin of this quote. Anyone know who said it first? I’m guessing Alexander the Great of Macedonia, but I could be wrong.

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Link of the Day: If He’s Carrying Concealed, It’s a Safe Bet He Didn’t Vote for Hillary

[Scott Adams’ Blog]

A Thought Experiment About Republicans

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Obama’s 18 1/2 Minutes Will Eventually Be Discovered on the Golf Course at Andrews

A new report shows that President Obama had lower approval ratings than President Nixon.

Some days I honestly suspect that Obamacare was just Obama’s way of putting everybody on his enemies list.

[title reference link]

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Straight Line of the Day: Russian Hackers Are Everywhere! Their Latest Victim…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Russian hackers are everywhere! Their latest victim

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I’ve Seen the QE2 Documentary Dozens of Times

Queen Elizabeth the Second marked her 65th year of being the British monarch.

How time flies… seems like just yesterday Westley was rescuing her from the Fire Swamp

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