The Illustrated Frank J: The Only Time You’ll See “Effective” and “Left” in the Same Sentence


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They’ll See You When You’re Sleeping

Russian President Vladimir Putin is pushing to re-open abandoned Soviet military, air, and radar bases on remote Arctic islands, attempting to claim almost half a million square miles of the Arctic.

Pretty obvious where this is going. Russian hackers are targeting the Naughty and Nice List.

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Link of the Day: Like Prune Juice, It’s a Warrior’s Drink

[The People’s Cube]

New social justice drink: Starbucks White Snowflake Smoothie

[title reference link]

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Are We SURE Teens Should Have the Right to Vote?

The hottest new trend: botox use among teenagers.

Guess Nancy Pelosi is cool now. Next up: forgetting who’s President.

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Ok, Fine, You Can Have Two

[Submitted by slapout (High Praise!)]

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