Straight Line of the Day: A Suspicious Russian Ship Was Caught off the US Coast. What Was It Doing There?

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

A suspicious Russian ship was spotted very near the US coast. What was it doing there?

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  1. I interrupt this thread [not trying to hijack it, honestly!] for a moment of sanity: i.e., to point out how ridiculous it is that this made the news in the first place.

    I’m hoping Harvey will forgive me, as a lot of his fellow Navy men have weighed in.

    Selected comments from a FreeRepublic thread (

    Nothing new about this…Has been happening for years and years…
    – JBW1949

    Back in the my Navy days, there was always one hanging off San Diego watching who came in and left. I always wanted to make a buck off it. Run harbor tours, “See the Genuine Soviet Spy Ship”. Alas, those thing are the ugliest rust-buckets you could imagine. Lousy paint job, no flag flying, rusty, unshaven crew in skivvies…Meh…
    – Ronin

    This is such a non-story. The Russians have always had ELINT ships shadowing our coasts and major naval exercises, and we have always done the same to them. All of a sudden the mundane is portrayed as unprecedented as the globalists drive the world toward war.
    – Always A Marine

    Nothing to be alarmed about.
    Russia heard what Connecticut is now basically communist, and the Russkies just wanted to see it for themselves.
    – MichaelCorleone

    We used to wave at each other off the coast of GITMO…LOL
    – JBW1949

    I sailed out of Groton, on SSN578, and SSN571, two of the three submarines I served in. I was raised in Pawcatuck/Stonington CT just 12 mi East of Groton. The Russian trawlers were always there waiting for us when we left on patrol. They would follow us, “collecting intelligence,” until we got to the 100 fathom curve where we would dive. Besides electronic info, they collected water samples and othere miscl. junk trailing behind us. Occasionally we would release the 1,000 pound contents of one of our shit tanks for them to collect. Wonder what kind of stuff they found out from analyzing our turds.
    – submarine571

    Near the end of his life, H.L. Menkin gave an interview where he recalled his days in the early 1900’s as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun. For no better reason than he was bored, he once took it upon himself to create a crisis in Baltimore by aggressively reporting and sensationalizing all of the petty crime that normally occurred in the city. Within a matter of weeks, Baltimore was in a state of hysteria, convinced that it was in the grip of an unprecedented crime wave. Such is the power of the press even today.

    Wow! This is news?
    – stocksthatgoup

    I see them 200 miles off Ocean City along with Chinese trawlers when tuna fishing.
    – Safetgiver

    They’ve been around, as I recall, most of my life. No biggie. Spent a fair amount of time out in LIS and never saw a Ruskie. But I did meet Alan Arkin several times. What a nice guy.
    – Daffynition

    I guess the fact that this ship makes this trip once or twice EVERY SINGLE YEAR makes absolutely no difference to the hysterical fake news, right??
    This ship spends EVERY winter in Cuba.
    – tcrlaf


  2. A suspicious Russian ship was spotted very near the US coast. What was it doing there?

    The ship was spotted near Connecticut, so its sailors were probably applying for foreign-based, no longer used, Social Security numbers.


  3. … asking Mr. Trump if the U.S. Navy can come out and play.

    [No US Carrier at Sea Leaves Gap in Middle East

    For the next week, not only will there be no U.S. Navy aircraft carrier in the Middle East, but there will be no American aircraft carriers deployed at sea anywhere else in the world, despite a host of worldwide threats facing the United States.]


  4. Circa 1983. The Palace II is a party boat and my father and I are on it, going out for a night bluefishng trip in New York Bay. The Palace II is a converted WWII subchaser, so it have a distinctive silhouette, compared to other party boats. It looks a lot like a USCG cutter. It one point, the captain yells from the wheelhouse that there ” another one of those rammed Russian trawlers – lets have sometime fun!” And has everyone reel up. He the proceeds to head directly at the trawler, about 3 miles away. About a mile away, he hits it with the spotlight. I never knew a trawler could move that fast…


  5. They just stopped-in to drop off the shipment of (pre-loaded) ballot boxes for the NEXT elections…They’re a tad bit early, but hey, better to have a wee bit of extra time to stash them boxes away where they’ll do the most good, right?



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