The Illustrated Frank J: Or At Least Why You’re Entitled to Wear White

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An Avalanche of Snowflakes Will Smother You

Now trending: campuses encouraging students to turn in fellow students for offensive speech.

Right… “if you hear something say something… unless it’s a Muslim that wants to shoot up the place, because racism.”

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Link of the Day: Satire – H&R Block Offers Tax Advice for Professional Protesters

[High Praise! to The Red Shtick]

H&R Block Offers Tax Advice for Professional Protesters

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It Takes a While, But They DO Answer the Question, and All the Technobabble in the Middle Is Part of It, So Hang in There

[Why Planes Don’t Fly Faster] (Viewer #800,440)

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Must’ve Been a Teleprompter Glitch

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters called President Trump’s cabinet picks “a bunch of scumbags“.

Maxine… you mispronounced “basket” AND “deplorables”.

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Liberal Escalator

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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