The Illustrated Frank J: The Dishonest Liberal Press Will Still Pretend There’s Another Way, Though


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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Nope…

The CEO of SoftBank Group Corp. says that, within 30 years, supersmart robots will outnumber humans.

Not sure whether to be sad because I’ll be a meatbag slave in the robo-apocalypse, or happy because I won’t have to worry about my fast food order being screwed up anymore.

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You Mean *Besides* the Fact That It’s a Gigantic Space Rock That’s Way Too Big for Puny Humans to Actually Hurt?

In the comments to a post on Scott Adams’ Blog, an annoying liberal asked an irritatingly cliched environmentalist rhetorical question:

“So… why gamble with the one Earth we’ve got?”

and got an answer that made me happy:

Because I don’t like the gamble of sacrificing western civilization and allowing china to dominate us based on an unproven claim that suspiciously gives liberals everything they’ve ever wanted cloaked as science and also suspiciously allows our unregulated competitors to surpass us. Seems like a lot of my enemies benefit from convincing me that continuing to prosper is a “gamble”. What could possibly go wrong with plunging us back into a 1700s level of prosperity?

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Link of the Day: Putting the “Punch” Back in “Hippie Punch”

[High Praise! to Mental Floss]

10 Self-Defense Tips From Boxer Jack Dempsey, Circa 1950

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How Long Until He’s Golfing With Obama and Getting the ‘If I Had a Son” Treatment?

Disgraced former football star OJ Simpson is set to walk free from prison exactly nine years into his 33-year sentence.

Real killers” hardest hit.

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Straight Line of the Day: The Most Exciting Event Staged During Today’s International Women’s Day Celebrations…

Straight Line of the Day: The Most Exciting Event Staged During Today’s International Women’s Day Celebrations…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

The most exciting event staged during today’s International Women’s Day celebrations…

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Random Thoughts: Marvel Movies and GOP-acare

Apparently Trump gave a good speech. He should take a lesson from George Costanza and now disappear for a while.

Here’s a tough contest: Which Marvel movie had the most forgettable villain?
Probably easier to start with thinking of the few Marvel movies that had an interesting villain.
I’m thinking it’s between Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy which both had guy in makeup wants to destroy universe for some reason.

GENERIC VILLAIN: “Let’s burn down the universe for insurance money!”
SPACE CHRIS PRATT: “The delightfully humorous Guardians of the Galaxy will stop you!”

I don’t get the Star Was comparison with Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s Star Wars if they got rid of Luke for more Han Solos.

THUG 1: “Ha! I just blew up a puppy orphanage with a rocket launcher!”
THUG 2: *turning pale* “That was John Wick’s puppy orphanage!”

If Trump ends up being an okay president, then that proves it’s a job any idiot can do. Like Senator.

We have a fun president. He’s a new adventure every day.

Zelda is the most consistently great video game series, but Breath of the Wild nothing like previous ones. And possibly best one ever.
Only a little ways into it, but it so good and dauntingly huge. And almost Zelda 2 different.
I want to pop the Switch out and sit in bed playing it all night long, but I told kids I’d only play it with them 🙁

I want nothing more than to play Zelda. Kids were begging me this morning to play Zelda. But I cleaned dishes. Stupid being an adult.

Very confusing moving between XBox controller on my PC and Nintendo controller. They disagree on the alphabetical order of AB, XY pairs.
Guess I never paid much attention to the fact that Nintendo has always been alphabetical from the right going back to NES.

Is Nintendo every going to have supply meet demand on the Nintendo Classic? It’s currently going for a 160% markup.

Just seems like bad optics that the GOP bill constantly uses the phrase “the poors.”

Oh no. The big dumb mess made by idiots is going to be replaced by another big dumb mess made by idiots.

It’s fun working on kernel-level drivers. Back in the day, it used to be so much easier to crash a computer.

iTunes for Windows is Apple’s Dorian Gray painting.

“I am very very interested in what trite thing Chelsea Clinton has to say about current events.” -Adolph Hitler

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Twittio Banana!

Witches across America are vowing to “perform ceremonies to rid the world of Donald Trump”.

Might work… what’s Harry-Potter-Latin for “Twitter Ban”?

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