Only Slightly Less Pathetic Than Writing Fundraising Emails for Hillary Clinton

The city of Portland, Maine, is considering giving jobs to panhandlers.

How about… PBS pledge drive phone bank operator?

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Link of the Day: Good News Re: MST3K

Netflix is getting 20 classic MST3K episodes, this full list of which you can find at Mental Floss.

I’m excited because my personal favorite “Teenagers from Outer Space” is on the list.

OK, the whole episode isn’t my favorite, but it has my favorite scene. Which needs this setup:

[MST3K – Torture]

to get to this payoff.

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It’s Happened Since 2008, Why Break the Pattern Now?

Sources close to Hillary Clinton say that she’s “thinking” about running for Mayor of New York City.

We’ll know she’s serious when an unknown outsider with no substantive political experience announces he’ll run against her.

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How Predictable Is the Liberal Media?

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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