Link of the Day: Die PBS, Die; and the Tweet Trump Should’ve Posted

[High Praise! to Stilton’s Place]

Oh, The Arts and Humanities!

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  1. PBS actually runs infomercials now…for which they are paid, aka profit.
    PBS runs ads, some disguised as “sponsor messages”, that they have the nerve to say aren’t ads…for which they’re paid, aka profit.
    WGBH in Boston, runs a full time recording studio,( the only competition for a studio I built) ….and gets paid..a lot. aka profit. So my friend has to pay his rent, his massive utilities and of course, taxes which are then handed to his only competition in the area. I thought these people were all about “fairness”? They’re not only competing against him, they actively try and steal his customers. Why? to make even more money, aka profit.

    They also do outside editing of all sorts of video and audio for which they are paid aka profit.
    In other words, most of what PBS does, nobody ever sees on PBS or even knows about. They’re a business, they make a ton of money and it ain’t from “donations”.

    So how exactly are they “non-profit’ and why does nobody ever bring this up?


      • No, it’s in their like $50 billion building with a giant tv screen on the side because…global warming. Ironically. if you drive by there at night, 2/3 of the office lights are left on, because…global warming or something.

        here’s how they try and give a nice liberal explanation for something that, if anyone else had it, would be called a horrible waste of electricity and its huge ‘carbon footprint’ etc etc (and for once, they’d be right):

        They ran a giant picture of Big Bird (as in Romney Trump wants to kill him in 2012)


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