Only Slightly Less Pathetic Than Writing Fundraising Emails for Hillary Clinton

The city of Portland, Maine, is considering giving jobs to panhandlers.

How about… PBS pledge drive phone bank operator?

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  1. In Sam Kinnison voice:

    “Hey God! Why don’t you take Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon, between your fingers and squeeze out a little INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY JUICE for the REST OF THE COUNTRY???!!!”


  2. “The city of Portland, Maine, is considering giving jobs to panhandlers.”

    But , of course, they’ll have to publish a list, to provide panhandlers with a way to select their preferred jobs.

    Perhaps it’s best it be a printed list, since panhandlers don’t all have computers, and can access it totally anonymously.

    Maybe something cheap.

    As, for example, printed on newsprint.

    And available for free at the local library, or anywhere else after the day of publication.

    And so as not to embarrass them, call it a “Help Wanted” column.

    Print them every single day of the year.

    How much should I be paid to administer this program for the government, which clearly the free market can’t be relied on to provide?


    • Panhandler IS their “job”, I see some around here who’ve been doing it for 10 years, in the same place and STILL idiots give them money. The saddest part is most of them drive that way every bleeping day and see the same bum. You’d think at some point it might occur to them that this guy ain’t “homeless” or whatever other BS his sign says. I have a picture of one somewhere who was pushing an easy 250 and her sign said “hungry”.



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