Random Thoughts: Health Insurance and Justice League

Since the ACA, my health insurance has been much worse and much more expensive. Then again, not hopeful GOP bill will fix that.

Don’t know where left expects to go with Gorsuch stuff. Right have the power and more to lose since they’re replacing Scalia.

A better use of the left’s time would be to get Ruth Bader Ginsburg to stop BASE jumping… at least while Trump is still president

I think a really big wall would make our country much safer. Wait for next State of the Union, then build it around the Capitol.

The sociopaths who won’t spend a moment’s thought on the people the blundering ACA hurt claim to really care about the poor.

If Trump spends his whole term doing nothing but unsuccessfully passing bills, he’ll be the greatest president since Coolidge.

I was once part of a justice league. We only saved the world on weekends because we all had day jobs.
We often fought the local chapter of the Legion of Doom. And we had an annual pancake breakfast fundraiser.
I left when the whole thing got too political. I’m still not sure who Ron Paul is.

From the trailer, the Justice League movie looks as dark and unpleasant as the other DC movies plus some humor.

I’d rather my health care wasn’t dependent on what sociopaths in Washington decide, but most want things to go the other direction.

Everyone wants all the money and power controlled by the worst people in society. That’s called “being concerned about the poor.”

Our system for electing presidents seems to select people who are good at nothing other than being elected president.

Great long piece on Mary Katharine Ham. There’s a lot of gloom in punditry these days, but she’s a real ray of hope.
With Trump, it seems like both sides are doubling down on politics being all LOUD PARTISAN YELLING, but there are better ways.

What I love about the new Nintendo system is I no longer need to stop playing Zelda just because I’m attending my daughter’s soft ball game.

Funny all the focus on religious extremism when the philosophy that murdered the most people in the 20th century was bad economics.

Don’t do another Pirates of the Caribbean movie; do a Secret of Monkey Island movie.

Those Old Navy ads make Amy Schumer look like the most unfunny person on the planet – like she’s a joke writer for Mike Huckabee.

MOVIE PITCH: An internet troll gets access to nuclear weapons. He’s also a real-estate billionaire for some reason.
But we’re going to try to get the audience to root for him by making everyone else in the movie so awful.

A nice feature to add to Google Maps would be making it smart enough to know when to stop giving you directions when taking you home.

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  1. Buttercup is old enough to play softball? Tempus fugit! (My youngest is running track and shot putting.)

    Ask Harvey what was the name of that island with the girl who couldn’t speak or couldn’t speak English, s’il vous plait. It came on with or right after H. R. Puffinstuff or maybe Bananna Rama. Was it Mystery Island?


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