Wednesday Night Open Thread

Okay guys, gals, and whatevers. It’s your turn. You pick the topic. Or topics. What’s on your mind? What do you want to discuss? Got a link you want to share? This is the time and place.

It’s Wednesday Night Open Thread. The floor is yours.

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The Official State Gun

Texas may soon have an official state gun.

I’m shocked they didn’t already have one. Of all the states to have one, you’d think it would be Texas. But they don’t have one. Six states do, though.

And that’s it, so far. Texas may finally get around to having a state gun. They actually have another proposal for the 1847 Colt Walker pistol to be the State Gun.

So, all you residences of Utah, Arizona, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alaska, and Texas that don’t already own one of your State Guns in your collection, hop to it. State Pride and all.

The rest of you? Just get what suits you.

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IMAO for Nerds

Word is that some of you people are nerds.

I know, I know. You’re shocked — shocked! — to find gambling going on at Rick’s. You and me both.

Anyway, here’s a story, and question, that IMAO Regular “Jimmy” related to us once:

One of my sisters is morbidly overweight. When she was visiting me one day, she asked that I get her a glass of water. I asked her if she wanted cold, filtered water from the fridge, or, room temperature filtered water. She said, “Cold. It helps me burn calories and lose weight.”

I chided her about that and asked if she’d ever done the math to know how many Calories an 8 oz. glass of 38°F water would force her body to burn. “No.” (This sister was valedictorian of her high school class and had a year of Chemistry so she should be able to do the math – at least how to approach getting an answer.)

So, I told her I had done the math long ago and gave her the answer and explained it.

IMAO nerds: How many calories will you burn by consuming an 8 oz glass of 38°F water? Provide your best answer in the comments.


Like Jimmy said, answer in the comments. Show your work, or everyone will know you simply Googled it.

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MST3K Question of the Day: Favorite Unriffed Movie

As we head into the last days before Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns, let’s take some time and think about the older series. There were 199 episodes, counting the KTMA season and the movie, but not the pilot/promo. But, for our purposes, we’ll not count the pilot/promo nor the KTMA season, okay?

Yeah, we know they only showed bad movies, but some of the movies maybe you actually enjoyed the movie on its own. So, here’s today’s question: Which movie that MST3K riffed was your favorite? Not the riffed version, but the original, uncut, unriffed movie.

I have to limit my answer to unriffed movies I’ve seen in full. As of this writing, that’s 74 of them. And, it would be one these: Marooned (shown as Space Travelers), Bride of the Monster, or The Amazing Colossal Man, all for different reasons. Marooned was actually a good movie with some slow spots. The Amazing Colossal Man was one I enjoyed as a child. Bride of the Monster is a guilty pleasure.

But what about you? What’s your favorite unriffed movie?

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Wednesday Staff Meeting

IMAO Headquarters, 9:00 AM


Yes, Mr. Fleming.

Where is everyone?

Uh, they’re, um, they’re all at work. At their desks.

Don’t give me that. I’m Skyping in at 8:00 and you’re the only one at work.

Usually, Harvey’s here and does the meetings in the break room. It’s normal for me to be here alone, so I haven’t given it another thought.

Hey, I just stopped in to get a doughnut. What’s up?

Basil! I’ve been reading what you posted. Why are we suddenly the public relations team for Mystery Science Theater 3000?

I can do some Doctor Who posts. It returns this weekend.

Go write something. And quit drawing on the walls.

Sure thing. There are no doughnuts here anyway. See ya later!

I’ll be glad when Harvey gets back.

You, me, and all the readers, boss.

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Random Thoughts: Syria and United

I’ve never really understood who Steve Bannon is.

We’re at war! Or we’re still at war. We’re a little bit more warier than yesterday, at least.

I should say that a very small percentage of the country that’s in the military is at war; the rest of us are policing the wokeness of Pepsi.

The most difficult thing to do as a US President is to not get into a new conflict in the Middle East. None succeed.

It really is a miracle that thanks to flight we can get anywhere in the world within hours with just a little groping and random beatings.

I once flew first class. Big difference from coach where it’s increasingly becoming “Just feel lucky we let you on the plane.”
“We might even randomly change our minds.”

Oh wow. Thor has always been the most “meh” of the Marvel series, but that trailer makes the new look pretty awesome.
The beginning of the Thor trailer could have used a record scratch, though.

“Hitler – kind of a bad guy. Not very popular right now.” -Trump, probably

“So Trump’s actions in Syria are pretty popular. Any remarks?”
“First, I have a few more positive things to say about Hitler…”

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Cartoon of the Day – Force

[Steve Kelley – GoComics]

I don’t recall the last time a company has a week as bad as United has had.

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