Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting

I’m not trying to start a fight or anything, but I would like to see some “lively discussion.” The topic? Well, you choose it. Or them.

It’s Open Thread Saturday! We’re turning it over to you to discuss what’s on your mind (about 20% of you_, tell a joke or two (around 15% of you), drunk post (60% of you), or whatever (5% of you).

Take it away.

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The answer

[The Facebook : Single Dad Laughing]

It all adds up!

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Just a reminder

Some people seem to forget this. Others seem to never have known it.

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MST3K Question of the Day: Introduction Episode

As Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns, let’s take some time and think about the older series. There were 199 episodes, counting the KTMA season and the movie, but not the pilot/promo. But, for our purposes, we’ll not count the pilot/promo nor the KTMA season, okay?

So, here’s today’s question: Which episode is the best for introducing a new viewer to the show?

Thanks to IMAO reader Mark who asked this yesterday as an aside in the question about songs. It’s a good question, and deserves your full attention. Mark limited his question to the episodes on Netflix, but there are only 20 currently streaming. Shout Factory TV — apps are available for Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV — carries 68 episodes.

I think most of the streaming episodes would be a good introduction. But what do you think? If you were introducing someone to the show, what episode would you play for them?

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Making more than history

It’s reported [link] that Becca Longo, a kicker for Basha High School in Chandler, Arizona — Go Bears! — has earned a scholarship with Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado — Go Grizzlies! — an NCAA Division II.

Since the roster for a Division II school is smaller than for a Division I school, she should be able to handle the sammich making duties with little trouble.

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