Doesn’t This Technically Encourage Illiteracy?

[Why is THIS the power symbol? [LGR Retrospective]] (Viewer #351,484)

What really blows my mind is that there’s some shadowy, Bilderbergian conspiracy to inflict internationally understandable hieroglyphics on us and replace English language labels.

After all, a few English letters are also just symbols. And I can’t say that they’re any harder to learn after a little exposure and practice.

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      • Close, Oppo.

        But, of course, there are alternatives:

        (◣_◢) “I’m NOT happy to see you!” – or – “Your brassier has pointy things in it.”

        • ═╗ “Musket to the junk” – or – “I just shot my load.” (Could also mean “Call the plumber!”)

        ⌐ΘvΘ¬ “I’m old and blind as a bat.” – or – “You’re so ugly I’m squinting!”

        ┌∩┐ ” **** off!” – or – “What’s that bump in your pants, ma’am?”

        (I like yours better, however.)



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