My Salad Mysteriously Caught on Fire

A new experiment will be launched to the ISS to see if it’s possible to grow vegetables in space.

Great idea. Just don’t let any astronauts from Washington or Colorado near it.

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  1. Hmm. NASA told us back in 2010:

    “Lettuce, peas and radishes are just a few vegetables that are found in a summer garden. But did you know these same vegetables also can be grown in space? Crew members aboard the International Space Station have been growing such plants and vegetables for years in their ‘space garden.’

    “Since 2002, the Lada greenhouse has been used to perform almost continuous plant growth experiments on the station. Fifteen modules containing root media, or root modules, have been launched to the station and 20 separate plant growth experiments have been performed.”

    “Growing Plants and Vegetables in a Space Garden,” 6/15/2010

    The current crop may be more advanced than the earliest experiments, and the hardware certainly is, but Florida Today didn’t need to whitewash the past — or did they? They sure make it sound like ISS vegetable-growing experiments started three years ago under Obama rather than fifteen years ago under George W. … and just in time for those plucky “Rally for Science” anti-Republican protests.

    It wasn’t like the NASA historical data was in some esoteric, hard-to-find research paper that the reporter couldn’t be expected to know about. It was on the NASA website.



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