Random Thoughts: MOAB and Taxes

I think Trump has become a much better president since he’s teamed up with a crime solving dog and has a wacky misadventure every week.

All of my kids inexplicably loved Mickey Mouse at about one and a half with basically no prior exposure. It’s like it’s in kids’ genes.

I won’t know what to think of all this until I hear from Chelsea Clinton.

One of these days we’re going to finish a war.

Don’t mess with the US or we will bomb you and keep bombing you until it’s page 15 news and most have forgotten we’re still at war with you.

Prayers for all the bombs today that lost their mother.

For the cost of that bomb we dropped on Afghanistan, we could have given 1000 needy families much smaller bombs.

Trump to address the nation on his ideas for an even larger bomb.

I don’t think the new MST3K is going to work. The new host’s two syllable name messes up the meter of the opening song.

One difference between the government and a mugger is a mugger doesn’t make you spend a day filling out a complicated form so he can rob you

Also, a mugger takes less money and is less likely to spend it wastefully.

So how much does the country lose each year in wasted man hours filling out tax forms?

So what’s going on? The left are having a pro-tax march on Tax Day?
I get wanting Trump’s tax returns as a campaign issue. I don’t see why anyone would give a rat’s ass now.

The left seems to have settled on the tactic of marches of vague purpose.

Isn’t nice to have a president who doesn’t think he’s above us and will respond to every little taunt?

Can the pro-Trump and anti-Trump sides unite on the fact that those propping up Chelsea Clinton are the worst people in this country?

Who’s Ossoff and where is Georgia?

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  1. “I get wanting Trump’s tax returns as a campaign issue. I don’t see why anyone would give a rat’s ass now.”

    Ever seen Wiley Coyote go over the cliff and still desperately trying to run on thin air? It’s like that.


  2. Ossoff? I think he’s the guy running for Congress that isn’t eligible to vote for himself.

    As for getting to Georgia, it’s easy. Take any plane to Atlanta. Then leave Atlanta. You’re now in Georgia.


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