Wednesday Night Open Thread

It’s the middle of the week, but not yet the middle of the night. But we can certainly help you make it through the night.

Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge – Help Me Make It Through The Night by Bodhisattva1956

It’s Wednesday Night Open Thread. Got a joke, a comment, an insult, a link to share? Now’s the time.

Who wants to start?

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  1. Ever seen the movie Lone Star? Not a great movie – like most of John Sayles work it is uneven and a bit disjointed. The most memorable thing about it was Kris Kristofferson as a crooked, malicious Texas sheriff. Dude can be downright scary.

    Good soundtrack too – though I don’t think it had any Kristofferson songs.


    • A movie I was introduced to recently that I can’t believe I’d never heard of: Skin Game

      1971 Pre-Civil-War comedy where a white con man repeatedly sells and steals back his black accomplice. James Garner, Lou Gosset Jr, and a ton of N bombs


  2. “an insult” to share?

    Which of the following is preferable, when you are merely turning off a light and want to go to bed?


    Normal Scenario: Turn off light switch.


    Windows Scenario: Click “Turn Off The Lights” command on keypad.

    Windows: Do You Want To Turn Off Lights?

    You: Yes.

    Windows: Turning Off.
    Please Wait.

    {Minutes later:}

    There Are Other Items Still Running In Your House.
    Turning Off The Lights May Darken Them; and Anything That Runs Off Of Light-Power Will Be Disabled.
    Do You Wish To Continue?

    You: Yes.

    Windows: Initializing.
    Please Wait. . . . .

    {animated dots run across screen . . . . . . . }

    {Minutes later:}

    Initialization Failed..
    Other Items In The House Are Still Activated.
    OK To Proceed?

    You: Yes.

    Windows Is Has Found Updates To Turning-Off-Lights Procedure.
    This May Take a Few Minutes.

    ! Please Do Not Disconnect Power Supply Or Turn Off Windows Before This Is Complete!

    {Hours later:}

    Update 54% Complete.

    {Hours later — the evening of the following day:}

    Lighting Shut-Down Interrupted. vds21asl4f6ka7js. Probable Cause: Error 5467: Power-Save Mode.

    Initializing Restart.

    Error! Please Turn Off Computer To Re-Activate Lights.
    Turn Off/Activate/Shut down

    You: {Accidentally clicking “Activate” choice}

    Windows: Irreconcilable Error Detected During Shut-Down. Windows Restarting.
    Do You Wish To Send An Error Report To Microsoft?



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