Saturday Night Open Thread

Last night’s Open Thread Post was a pretty generic post. Nothing more than “Hey, post something, won’t you?” I didn’t talk about anything, post a video, or anything. Well, Oppo didn’t like that.

Nope. Not gonna start until Basil free-associates a little.

Well, there was a good reason for that. I was driving. A pretty long drive at that.

I didn’t drive directly from Columbus. But I did start from about as far west as you can get in Columbus. I wasn’t quite spitting distance from the Chattahoochee River, but I could have rolled down the window and tossed a bottle into it. Really. And I had a stop or two to make along the way.

I mentioned to Oppo at the time that I was busy driving. I did that at the red light in Lumber City. Yes, THE red light. Because they have one. So, I didn’t get to explain much at the time, what with that single opportunity to stop after I got notice of his comment, and it being another 15-20 minutes until the next stop.

Some days are like that. More going on than hours in the day to properly deal with it all. So, last night, I didn’t have much to say prior to the request for your comments, jokes, links, and assorted nonsense. Like I’m about to do now.

It’s Saturday Night Open Thread. What do you want to talk about? The floor is yours.

Who wants to start?

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The Illustrated Frank J: Common Ground


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Link of the Day: At IMAO, We’ve Always Respected Aquaman Like This


Aquaman Tried

[Think you have a link that’s IMAO-worthy? Send it to If I use your link, you will receive High Praise! (assuming you remember to put your name in the email)]

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Not Sure How Long It Will Take to Get Back the Energy It Took to Make It

[Primitive Technology: Water powered hammer (Monjolo)] (Viewer #6,251,729)

Might not be practical, but it’s a clever concept, and I’m impressed that he got it built.

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Who Are You to Defy the Pope? Are You an Empress? A Saint? A Deity?

An international group defiantly opposed to the Roman Catholic Church’s ban on women priests ordained a woman Catholic priest.

Sorry, just because you can steal a car doesn’t mean you’re qualified to be a cab driver.

[title reference link]

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Learning the Lesson, Missing the Point

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

[reference link]

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