Sunday Night Open Thread

I hope your weekend went well.

Everyone looks forward to the weekend, and it’s a real downer when the weekend doesn’t go well. So, I hope yours was happy.

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So, what’s on your mind? What do you want to talk about? It’s Sunday Night Open Thread, and it’s your turn to drive the conversation.

Who wants to start?

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The Illustrated Frank J: I’m Predicting That, Before the Year Is Out, That President Will Be Trump


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Link of the Day: The Important Thing Is, No Matter What Happens to Trump, It’s Never Hillary

[High Praise! to Mental Floss]

What Was the Original Reason for the 25th Amendment?

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Weird… I Always Thought Matchbox Was an American Company

[Matchbox Cars (1965)] (Viewer #105,769)

I’m so 21st Century spoiled that I’m was shocked at how much of the work in this factory is done by hand.

I’m pretty sure all the workers in this video now have their jobs done by robots.

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I, For One, Am Looking Forward to a Good Dose of Abby… Someone

In a speech to Harvard grads, failed Democrat and former anti-war hero John Kerry told students “this is not a normal time“.

A fact which anyone with a dime in the stock market or a gas tank to fill up is doing cartwheels over.

[title reference link]

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The Science Is Settled!

From a comment to this post at Scott Adams’ Blog:

Observation: Since before humans were humans, they formed tribes and fought for resources and territory.

Liberal Hypothesis: we can all live together regardless of culture.

Problem: The hypothesis isn’t scientific, as it doesn’t explain past data.

Experiment: Mix Westerners with Moslems

Experimental results: horrifically murdered little girls, hundreds injured. Repeat experiment, get same results in France, Germany, Sweden…

Liberal Conclusion: Get used to your children being killed, “we’re all in this together”, the hypothesis is not shown to be wrong.

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