Wednesday Night Open Thread

The week’s half done. Over half, really.

Kick back, pop in a stick of Juicy Fruit, and enjoy the evening.

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It’s Wednesday Night Open Thread. You pick the topics. You control the flow of the conversation.

Who wants to start?

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Never Make a Deal With the Robot Devil

Coming to a church near you: a robot “priest” that can beam light from its hands and give automated blessings to worshippers.

All they have to do is teach it how to shake down white people with discrimination lawsuits, and Al Sharpton’s out of a job.

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A Headline With a Question That’s Answered “Yes”

[Does Pressure Melt Ice?] (Viewer #1,142,064)

I didn’t know the part about what happens AFTERWARD, though.

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Link of the Day: Trump Is Awful at Many Things. Not This, Though.

[High Praise! to Crabby Old Bat via Townhall]

Donald Trump Has Done An Amazing Job At His Most Important Job


[Submitted by Jimmy via According to Hoyt (High Praise!)]

The Blood Of Our Dead

I understand that if we go the way of Europe, Western civilization is lost

As WWI & II proved, the world doesn’t need Europe.

Lose the US, however, and what’s left of the world will be burning kerosene for light within a decade.

Mostly because they’ll run out of whale oil after the first 5 years.

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He’s Like the Crazy Version of the That Scene from Crocodile Dundee II

After the most recent missle test, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un warned that he had a “bigger gift package” for the US.

That’s scary. Thousands of American fish could die.

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Where Does the Line Form?

[Submitted by slapout (High Praise!)]

[reference link]

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Straight Line of the Day: Psychologists Say Everyone Keeps 13 Secrets. One of President Trump’s Is…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Psychologists say everyone keeps 13 secrets. One of President Trump’s is…

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The Illustrated Frank J: I Thought We Were Angry Because He Wouldn’t Show Us His Taxes? Is That Not a Thing Anymore?


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Random Thoughts: Body Slamming and Memorial Day

Is anyone who saw the original Top Gun in theaters even still alive?

Reagan once piledrived a reporter into a folding table and no one cared. We had the Soviets to worry about.

“Should this politician go to jail for–”

Does this Gianforte scandal prove the country isn’t yet ready for The Rock to run for president?

“Maybe we spend more time focusing how our ultimate goals are the same and work together?”
left and right body slam me into a coffee table

“More like ‘Blunder Woman’!” – Good line for your movie review if Wonder Woman is no good.

My 14 y.o. dog got in the trash, and I’m just happy she’s still active enough for that.

Greg Gianforte won a mandate for body slamming reporters.

My guess is Wonder Woman is a decent movie which is why the studio has stayed away from SJW nonsense unlike with girl Ghostbusters.

When does the concept of “President Trump” stop being surreal?

On Memorial Day, I like to remember my father who served 2 years in the Army and passed away in 2012 from ailments related to Agent Orange exposure.
We live very peaceful lives in this country, but it took a lot of sacrifice to get us here.
A lot of talk about “privilege,” but we need more talk about duty and what we can do to honor what were given by the sacrifice of others.

We need to get better at shunning dishonest partisans, especially those who purport to have the same beliefs as us.

Cleaning out old miscellaneous cords. Found an s-video cable — hard to imagine a scenario where I’ll need that again.

I hope the new DCEU movie reveals that Wonder Woman’s mother is also named Martha.

I still don’t get why Batman wanted to kill Superman at the end. I guess because that Batman just loves loves murder.
“I only have one rule: Murder everyone!”

The president is dumb and you should not depend on him. This is not new.

President Zuckerberg? They’re really raising the stakes for the sequel to The Social Network.

In a free speech society, we need to get better at ignoring idiocy rather than getting worked up into a tizzy by it. Don’t give the attention-seekers attention.

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I Didn’t Want to Be a Trump Protester Anyway…

Police are investigating an incident at a Trump-owned golf course where vandals cut down four 30-foot tall trees with a chainsaw.

Weirdly, followed by skipping, jumping, and pressing wildflowers.

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Cartoon of the Day – Laugh

[Steve Kelley]

Oh, how I wish some people would just go away.

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