In Liberals’ Minds, This Plays in the Background of Every Trump Speech

[Horror Musical Instrument – The Apprehension Engine] (Viewer #231,582)

Seriously, ALL of these sounds creep me out. I don’t think I could pick a least favorite. But if YOU can, then drop a comment.

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One Comment

  1. Seriously, I love those sounds and that machine!

    True story, Harvey:

    Back in 2008-2010 at the height of the financial crash, I had tracked down the best (and incredibly varied) ALARM sounds that I could find on the Internet and was going to send various blended mashups of them to IMAO to play whenever the next crisis hit (and there were many during that interval, if you recall). As MP3’s, you (or Basil) could have put up your POD player gadget on a blog post to let readers play them – along with maybe some snarky comments to accompany the audio.

    Imagine a bone-chilling, hair-raising crescendo of military, civilian, nuclear power and the best science fiction movie alarms that make you want to run for no reason at all. Hehe. Crank up the sound and scare your neighbors.

    But I got too busy with work back then to finally do it. (Some were free downloads, some had to be purchased.)

    Anyway, thanks for posting that for us audio addicts.



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