Random Thoughts: Trying to Keep Up with the Trump Presidency

Better Call Saul is in many ways different than Breaking Bad, but I enjoy it just as much. An absolutely superb show.
And why does the ending of each episode always catch me off guard? It’s like most shows would have one scene more.
One of my favorite things in Better Call Saul are the minimal dialog mysteries of “What is Mike up to?”

Seems like there has to be a way to fire a guy everyone wants fired without it being controversial.

It’s hard to tell if he’s winning at 3D chess or losing at 2D tic-tac-toe.

Kinda seems like Trump missed his calling of writing explainer pieces for Vox.

“Mr. President, what are you doing?”
“It’s a brand new thing I invented I’m calling ‘huffing paint.'”

Trump has to be our absolute worst president until the next one.

I’m still kinda unclear on how upset to get about the terrible president firing the terrible FBI director for terrible reasons.

Instead of “priming the pump,” Trump should’ve claimed he invented the phrase “laughing up their sleeves.” More would believe him.

My prediction for 2020 is Trump will go into the election with an approval in the mid 20s and will win in a landslide.

It’s happening!

Opening sentence subject to change.

When Americans are used to showing photo IDs for a hundred minor things, it’s a tough sell to say you shouldn’t have to do that for voting.

I was going to do a tweet like “Trump has been indicted… in crazyland ” but it’s hard to imagine crazyland without president Trump.

Let’s save impeachment for if Trump ever gets boring. Right now, we already have a pretty full news cycle.

The sealed indictment is a Trump trap. If you open it, it says, “Whoever is reading this is now indicted.”

It is becoming a bit of epidemic with all the homeless Millennials trying to kick an avocado toast habit.

Well, Trump means well.[citation needed]

With these type stories it’s always a 50/50 chance that either
A) Trump is that horrible
B) It’s a nothingburger blown up by Trump haters

The Russian story has been completely debunked. There’s no such thing as a “President Trump.” It makes no sense. How would that even happen?

Maybe there should be a Dwane Johnsons/Chris Pratt ticket. Don’t talk issues; just win on sheer likability.

That Zelda may have been one of the best games ever made, but the new Mario Kart really shows off the Switch’s strengths.
It really is a magic trick to go between playing it multiplayer on 1080p on a big screen to popping it out and playing it in handheld mode.
And that you can set it down anywhere and slide off the two side controller for multiplayer Mario Kart is pretty awesome.
To me, the convenience of the Switch is worth the graphics trade off (and it’s not like the games aren’t beautiful).
I’m hoping 3rd party support picks up. I want a Call of Duty I can play while lying comfortably in bed.

Overall, the Trump presidency is going about as well as could be reasonably expected.

He needs to hold out at least two months longer if I’m going to win the “How Long Will a Trump Presidency Last” pool.

With this whole Comey memo thing, someone – either Trump or the media – is going to lose what tiny bit of credibility they had left.

Trump lucked out; he accidentally gave all of Comey’s memos to visiting Russians.

Know what’s a fun fantasy right now? President Romney. Bland, boring Romney.
Sure, partisan Dems would still find a reason to call him worse than Hitler, but the rest of us would just be chillin’.
Alas, we’ve decided to live in interesting times. Oh the stories we’ll have to tell our grandkids!

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  1. The media keeps blowing some heap big smoke up our collective A**** but there ain’t no fire. THey want you to believe there is a fire, they get palpitations like there is a fire, they report as if there is a fire.

    But there is no fire.

    One can safely ignore 99 and 44/100th percent of what the media reports as “This will doom the Trump Presidency, Impeachment now!” To pay it any attention is just to feed into what the Media and the Democrats [BIRM] are trying to do, undermine the foundations of this country.


  2. It is becoming a bit of epidemic with all the homeless Millennials trying to kick an avocado toast habit.

    I am not a Millennial, but I was eating avocado toast as I read that (still am, it’s delicious). I have 6 sprouted avocado seeds growing as houseplants on my kitchen windowsill, I have sometimes eaten nothing but guacamole and chips for dinner (why bother cooking the tacos once the guacamole is done?). Avocados go on my egg sandwiches for breakfast and my BLTs for lunch. Eating avocados at least twice a week, preferably more frequently, is the birthright of every native Californian. Excuse me, I am off to make another slice of avocado toast . . .


  3. “Well, Trump means well.[citation needed]”

    Okay, here’s my citation: my retirement accounts. They’re going through the roof, which is exactly what I hoped would happen if he were elected. Good thing too, because I’ll be retiring in less than eight years. Under Obama, the only growth I saw in my retirement accounts was the amount of money I put into them — no profit, no other growth. That’s all changed since November.

    So far, I’ve gotten 33,420 good reasons to vote for Trump, and that number is increasing every day. The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees, I want money!

    How’s that for a citation?


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  14. I think you’re reacting not to what Trump does, but what you read on Twit or whatever that thing is called.
    With the single exception of “and replace”, EVERY THING HE’S DONE has been right.


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