Tuesday Night Open Thread

Ever have one of those days where everything gets away from you? Yeah, that’s today.

The other day I mentioned my iPad was messed up. Well, this evening, I drove to the nearest Apple Store to replace it. The nearest Apple Store is in Jacksonville. On the south side of Jacksonville.

Driving back, I stopped at Sonny’s Barbeque in Brunswick, and ate a yummy barbeque sammich. And I let the time get away from me. After I got back on the road, I noticed it was after 9:00.

My iPad isn’t set up yet. So I need to pull over and use my iPhone to write tonight’s Open Thread post.

So, I’ve done my part. Now you do yours. Pick a topic and have at it. It’s Tuesday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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  1. The Sonny’s in St. Mary’s (Kingsland exit, east of highway) puts more meat on their sammiches.
    The Smarter Half and I are taking a 3-day weekend to NC just to eat at Sonny’s. We figure 3 or 4 meals in 3 days.


    • I almost stopped at that one. I thought, hey’ll I’ll just wait until I get home. About the Glynn County line, it occurred that if I ate much later, I might have trouble going to sleep, as I’d be hitting the sack right after getting home (because of a 4:00 AM drive to Columbus). So, when I got to the exit with Sonny’s, I pulled off and ate. I’ll try the Kingsland/St. Marys one next trip down that way.



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