Link of the Day: I Didn’t Know About the Trenches Thing. I Assumed They Were Just a Combination Mud Pit, Slaughter House, and Petri Dish for the Plague

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[CAUTION: some adult language]

5 Myths About War You Believe (Because Of Movies)

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  1. We had some tanks that had gasoline in them, and other ones that had diesel. And we used to say that if we got hit in the diesel, we had maybe 14 or 15 seconds in which to crawl out through these hatches and get out. If it was a gasoline fire, you had nearly half that time, 7 or 8 seconds in which to get out. I was madly trying to force these hatches open so we could get out, and the tank was burning, and the fire was coming up through me and my hands and my hair, and of course my poor operator and…and gunner were getting burnt too. And they weren’t very big, they were small men, but I can tell you under those particular circumstances, somehow or other they got their shoulders against my ass and they shoved me up, and it was my head that opened up the hatches and so on.. and we all got out, …
    – S.V. Radley-Walters, Sherbrooke Fusiliers



  2. Huh. Maybe I’m unusual but I didn’t believe any of those alleged myths. Also I have a bit of a problem with the statistic that the loss rate for Sherman’s was 580%. Really? We lost 5.8 tanks for each one we sent over?



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