Link of the Day: Shorter – a List of People Who HAVEN’T Tried to Influence Our Election

[High Praise! to Scott Adams’ Blog]

Russia Hacked our Election! (So what?)

Several good points in this piece, this being my favorite:

It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario in 2017 in which Russia gains by poking America with a sharp stick. The probable outcome seems more bad than good. Who wants an [angry] nuclear superpower looking in your direction? It doesn’t pass the sniff test. If Putin were an idiot, I could see him wanting to cause this sort of trouble just because he was dumb.

Putin isn’t dumb.

I’d like to introduce a new hypothesis to explain why Russia might have wanted to influence American elections: They believed a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster to the world, including Russia.

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  1. His thinking is flawed in that Putin knows that we really won’t do a whole lot. Look at Obama’s response, and Trump thinks about undoing some of that. The real thing is they already owned Hillary, and you look at the things Trump does, he is totally unpredictable. Figure that one out.


  2. The Obama Regime had contingency plans for setting up the next GOP potus, if elected, to fail…they had 8 years to install their Shadow Government. But no one will ever investigate it because Obama has them brainwashed…much like a religious cult would do.



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