Link of the Day: I Never Question Anything out of Harvard

[High Praise! to Satireworld]

Satire – Harvard Study Shows Mainstream Media Caters To Low IQ Liberals

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    • Many liberals, particularly young ones, have a high IQ but no practical experience. “A man who is not a Liberal at sixteen has no heart; a man who is not a Conservative at sixty has no head.” Benjamin Disraeli; variations of this saying have been attributed to many public figures, including Victor Hugo, Georges Clemenceau, and Winston Churchill. I suspect this is why many older liberals tend to be wealthy, and particularly those who are wealthy in terms disproportionate to any personal merit, effort, or worth – the hereditary wealthy, entertainers, artists, dot-com billionaires, politicians, university professors. They have no real-world experience to show them that wealth should be tied to worth, or that people who fail usually have contributed a great deal to that failure; it is not just a question of privilege vs. oppression. The smartest among us tend to go to college, where they are promptly brainwashed by faculty radicals, and insulated from reality in safe-space, right-think echo chambers. They then emerge into a society where 98% of the media continually reinforce their indoctrination with fake-news narratives, and where one incident of wrong-speak on social media can destroy your career and your life, reinforcing the group-think message. So, yeah, I think there are high-intelligence liberals – but not high-information liberals. Liberalism does not long survive contact with reality.



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