Link of the Day: Number Seven Really Surprised Me

[High Praise! to Mental Floss]

7 Hot Facts About Mercury

I had no idea about that “can’t fly to Mercury and just start orbiting the planet” thing. I’ve watched so much Star Trek that I consider achieving standard orbit to be something so simple that even a wet-behind-the-ears academy ensign could do it right on day 1 of a new assignment.

I forget our probes don’t come with impulse engines and infinite fuel.

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  1. The Mercury gravity-well problem impressed itself on me when I watched the movie “Sunshine”. Yeah, that planet really is too close to the sun and too low-grav to really get into it.

    Kind of like how three of the four Jovian moons are too close to Jupiter’s magnetic field (and Io’s plasma output) for humans to bounce about their surfaces.

    But we still got Venus’s cloud cities. And Callisto, in the latter case.



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