Random Thoughts: CNN and Russia! Russia! Russia!

Both Trump and CNN don’t seem to understand how their actions appear to normal people.

The left seems to think any method is excused because they are fighting horrible people but they forget that they are also horrible people.

When I saw a video with a CNN logo poorly photoshopped into it, at no point did I think “I must know more about who did this.”

I think the best way Lex Luther could destroy Superman is expose that he’s actually a journalist.

During a checkup, spent hundreds on tests for my 14yo shepherd/pit mix, though I suspect the results will come back as “She’s old!”
She’s nearly deaf, but she still hears well enough to get scared during thunderstorms and fireworks 🙁

It’s good to put your name and face to what you say. But there are reasons not to.

“Someone wrote a tweet criticizing CNN. Here’s the first of a five part story on where his children go to school.”

I pronounce GIF like “Jif” and the peanut butter Jif like “Gif”.

If you’re wondering why people are voting against their interests, the answer probably is “because you’re a prick.”

Since both properties are owned by Warner Brothers, there should be a canon answer to who is faster: the Flash or Speedy Gonzales.

I’d probably be more outraged by the Ivanka thing if I knew what stuff like the G20 was other than a protest magnet.
I don’t think the protesters know what it is either.

TRUMP: “Putin assures me he’s not behind cyberattacks and gave me a doll with another smaller doll inside it. I did not investigate further”

Is taxation theft? Let’s say the government didn’t have any guns. How many people would voluntarily pay their current tax burden?

I still can’t figure out whether it’s dumb to be afraid of Russia or to not be afraid of Russia.

Can I become president of the United States and still rant about the man trying to keep me down?

I thought in the 80s we strangled all the socialists and built a Walmart on their grave.

My 6yo daughter’s favorite word is “Actually…”

I’m beginning to enjoy our weird orange president and am dreading the day we again have a president some people take seriously.

One day there will be people living in luxury we can’t even imagine and they will complain about how bad they have it because of inequality.
You can never have so much you won’t complain if someone else has a lot more. Than doesn’t necessarily mean the other person is the problem.

I never for the life of me understood who David Brooks’s audience is supposed to be.

There’s two Donald Trumps?

I don’t get the secularization of holidays. What does a bunny have to do with Easter? What does a sale at Amazon have to do with the birth of Optimus Prime?

I’m for executing Don Jr. for treason if that’s what it will take to get us to finally stop talking about Russia.

The next Wonder Woman film will take place in the 80s and be about her teaming up with cyborg Ronald Reagan to fight Commies.

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  1. Can I become president of the United States and still rant about the man trying to keep me down? Of course you can. Look at Bernie Sanders, he’s constantly whining and sniveling about how the rich are getting richer and how we need higher taxes and life is unfair and Socialism is the only answer and the one percent doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes etc. etc. Look what our system has done for him…..


  2. Of course you can become President of the United States and still rant about the “man” trying to keep you down. Look at Bernie Sanders he’s got a six digit income, a steady government job, a vacation home in upstate NY, a home in Vermont, and a home near Washington DC. Obviously the system has been very good to him and yet he continues to complain about how unfair the system is and how much we need Socialism to level the playing field for all. As President there is no doubt in my mind he would have ranted incessantly about how the “man” is keeping him down. So yes, of course you can rant about how the man is keeping you down if elected President.


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