Saturday Night Open Thread

I’m an iPhone guy. I’m pretty immersed in the Apple ecosystem. I have an iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, and Apple TVs.

Not everyone in the family is that way, though. There are family members that have Windows computers (okay, me too), Roku devices (okay, me too), and Android phones (not me).

You Android people are a thing, right? Of course you are. And, I need to accept that and embrace it. So, you Android people, here you go.

[The YouTube]

What’s that? It’s available for iOS too? So, I didn’t really offer something that’s exclusive to Android people, just tried to credit for it? If this was a Cinema Sins video, I’d get five sins for that.

I suppose you can do better, though, right? Prove it. It’s Saturday Night Open Thread. It’s your turn to give links to things, tell jokes, offer wisdom, or just be stupid, whatever you’re in the mood for.

Who wants to start?

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