Friday Night Open Thread

I used to go to local Minor League baseball games a lot. But, with the Columbus Catfish and Savannah Sand Gnats leaving for other cities, there isn’t a local team for me.

I miss going to the games.

[The YouTube]

What’s on your mind? Anything you miss doing recently? Anything you did recently you want to admit to tell us about? Or anything else you want to talk about? Now’s the time, after all. It’s Friday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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  1. I was thinking…
    Remember the Angie Dickinson TV show “Policewoman”?
    You could never make a show today with that name. It would be considered sexist. You couldn’t make one named “Policeman” either.

    What other TV shows could not be today made with their original names?
    “Father Knows Best” (patriarchal)
    “Peter Gunn” (phallic-centric and firearms)




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