Saturday Night Open Thread

It was kinda warm today. It wasn’t exactly hot, with the temperature not quite hitting the mid 90s.

Still, there was a little bit of sweat pouring off yours truly, as I spent some time outside doing grandparent stuff with the youngest.

The good news is, I didn’t sweat enough to cause a massive stink.

The bad news is, I might not have known if I had.

[The YouTube]

How did your day go? Anything you want to share with us? Got a link? A joke? Anything? Anything at all? Because it is time for Saturday Night Open Thread, and it’s your turn.

Who wants to start?

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    • I watched the riots today on TV. Seems to me the Alt Right had a little help from the Commie/Socialist Left in the conducting of the days activities. As far as I’m concerned it’s too bad the cops couldn’t just let them all kill each other. A pox on both their houses!


  1. Two very old gents in their 90’s sitting on a park bench talking about their time serving in WW2. One says to the other, “Remember that stuff they used to put in our food so we wouldn’t think about women?” The second guy says “Yeah, I think it was called salt peter.” The first says “Right, that’s it. Anyway, I think it’s finally beginning to kick in.”



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