Sunday Night Open Thread

Well, it’s been a busy week, and I wrote a bunch of Open Thread posts ahead of time.

Including this one.

Someone found out I’ll do this and asked why they couldn’t go ahead and post ahead of time, too.

Go ahead. Won’t bother me a bit.

For the rest of you, thanks for waiting. It’s Sunday Night Open Thread. Share whatever’s on your mind.

Who wants to start?

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  1. Blacks must cease playing basketball.

    1) Invented by a White man for rich white kids it is inherently racist in its origins so must be boycotted.
    2) Playing it is a cultural appropriation that cannot be condoned on that basis. Blacks should only play sports invented by other blacks to demonstrate their purity to the cause of justice.
    3)It was promoted by and for the glory of the Nazis being incorporated into the Olympics in 1936.


  2. Count Basie, one of the great jazz band leaders, was born August 21, 1904. Here’s his band playing the “One O’Clock Jump”, perhaps the piece most closely associated with him:



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