The Left Needs to Be More Clear on Its Religious Views

I think the left needs to be more clear on what they consider religious views and thus are areas where they don’t care about the science. Like with this whole Google memo thing; the guy cited offensive science — not bad science, just offensive to their worldview — and they’ve freaked out and aren’t sure how to cope. The naive fool thought if he backed up what he said with science, he’d been in the clear, but he didn’t realize (and many of the left don’t realize) is that the left views on gender is actually a religious view and thus science is irrelevant.

Now, it’s okay to have religious views where you don’t care what the science has to say. Like I’m very clear my views on equality are a religious view. I think all people are equal because we all have souls (unprovable), and that is our true selves and a state where we are all equal a and what we see here in this world is just dross. I don’t care what science you might say to dispute that or arguments about how equality goes against evolution or what not. It’s a view far more important than silly science data.

The left also has many religious views, but they just won’t admit they are religious and thus get very confused and agitated when science goes against them — part of that is because one of their religious views is science is supposed to always back their ideology. But you don’t get to dictate what science says. A lot of Christians have run into this problem, and now it’s the “secular” left’s turn to have their religion in conflict with data. And the solution is usually to step out of it. You say this is my capital ‘T’ Truth, and it matters not to me what suppositions some silly people make with their data, I will always believe it.

If the left does this and are more clear on what they consider their religious truths, that will save future Damore’s from thinking he’s arguing a science question when in reality what we have is a religious debate.

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  1. It is really quite easy to understand if you are willing to accept the premise that “Equality” can either be viewed Scientifically or Philosophically and be two different things. Liberals, if I may generalize, are confusing the philosophical “equality” [As in ‘All men are a created equal…] which deals with an individual’s relationship to the law and to their fellow citizens in terms of their unalienable rights and the scientific “equality” as in women tend to be on average smaller than the male of the species physically and have different brain responses to external stimuli. One does not preclude the other and until Liberals come to understand this there will be neither Justice nor Peace in the Land. So let it be written, so let it be done!


  2. Nowhere more evident than their transgender position. I have physical equipment that indicates that I am male, Physical reality. Likewise blood tests would reveal xy chromosomes. demonstrable scientific proof. Their argument that Jenner is a woman lacks any kind of demonstrable science, but it’s am article of obvious faith for the left that he’s a woman.



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