Wednesday Night Open Thread

My son used to enjoy Might Morphin Power Rangers.

I never understood why. Kids.

Of course, I never know the whole story behind the show. I just thought it was some stupid show.

Now, I know the story behind the show. And still think it was some stupid show.

[The YouTube]

What’s been on your mind? Got a link to share? Some wisdom to impart? A joke to tell? Or some other nonsense? Well, now’s the time. It’s Wednesday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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  1. I used to work on that show a long time ago back in my wild and misspent youth with the 2nd unit crew that did all the fight scenes.

    I was always wearing some ridiculous costume fighting Japanese martial arts guys. I have no idea what the show was about, neither the director nor the actors spoke a word of English and the pay was low but man was it fun.



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