AKA “Why Recycling Is a Feel-Good Unprofitable Black Hole for Tax Dollars”

[How Recycling Works] (Viewer #629,435)

The only thing worth recycling is paper, aluminum, and steel. That hasn’t changed in 100 years, and it’s never going to. Curbside recycling will always be a money pit.

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  1. If the demand for new paper is reduced the price of pulp wood is reduced. When the current crop of trees is cut the land will be put to use growing other crops or methane producing cattle, hence fewer trees. Nobody tries to save the Iowa corn fields by not eating cornflakes.


  2. It’s funny. If you’re a fan of David Weber’s Honorverse series, then you are aware of the numbers of captured and inferior spaceships. Repeatedly, fans have tried in the forums to postulate something useful to do with all these outdated warships that are basically targets. Repeated, their ideas have been shot down as not worth the effect. (Y’all bear in mind we’re talking about notional ships in a fictional universe or fictional ships in a notional universe, whichever redundant syntax you prefer.) In that case, it’s a debate over overhauling versus scrapping.

    In the real world, I’ve reached the end of how much I want to put into a 20 year old truck, probably at least one repair too late. (Unless someone is giving away a transmission for a ’97 F-150.)



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