Random Thoughts: Feuding and Take a Knee

If Republicans in charge of everything means absolutely nothing happens, at least there’s way worse scenarios.

Watching Ducktales with all three of my kids. I am very happy.

Just because he’s the president doesn’t mean we have to pay attention to him.

I like it when Donald Trump feuds with celebrities. It’s one of the things he’s qualified to do.

Left complaining about Trump feuding reminds me of right complaining about Obama golfing. What else do you want his brilliance focused on?

Next Trump will say people should be fired for disrespecting puppies and get people to kick puppies to protest him.

Trump has some control over those who support him and a huge amount of control over those who hate him.

Trump is going to be reelected because his opponents can’t stop themselves from doing counterproductive things to spite him.

TRUMP (idiot): “Anyone who throws me in the briar patch SHOULD BE FIRED!”
RESISTANCE (smart): “I know exactly what to do to get at Trump!”

Saw the new Kingsman movie. If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one.
Learning Channing Tatum had scheduling conflicts explains a lot about the plot, though.

I don’t get CBS All Access. Who would pay just to stream CBS? Tech-savvy old people?

In the future, everyone will be milkshake duck for 15 minutes.

My parents had 50s nostalgia. I have 80s nostalgia. I don’t see my kids having 2010 nostalgia unless it’s “Remember when we had 80s nostalgia?”

Why is Trump still president? We’ve made it clear we don’t want him there in every other way than not electing him.

With #TakeAKnee, people keep focusing on the flag and veterans and not what the protest is about… whatever that is. Trump, maybe.

How will the new 280 character limit on Twitter affect foreign policy?

Would be pretty hilarious if they rollout the new 280 character limit to everyone except Trump.

Hopefully Luther Strange will seek revenge for losing the primary. With a name like that, he really should be a supervillain.

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  1. TRUMP (idiot): “Anyone who throws me in the briar patch SHOULD BE FIRED!”
    RESISTANCE (smart): “I know exactly what to do to get at Trump!”

    Someone from the Ministry of Love would like to speak to you regarding a reference to a forbidden book (WRONGTHINK).


      • Most of the disappointment, aside from Obama care and the wall which is more the GOP’s fault than Trump’s, is all theatrics. Molehills being made into mountains by far too many people but which serve the purpose of distraction and making the complainers look even sillier. “Kneel before Trump, that will show him!” If you look at what he has actually gotten done with fixing government he has done quite well. It is going to be a long hard slog but if he can keep the enemy distracted he may be able to accomplish a lot more than people will give him credit for.


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