I Just Rewatched the Series Recently. These Are All True

[Honest Trailers – Star Trek: The Next Generation] (Viewer #2,291,902)

Totally unrelated, I noticed Don Knotts doing the Riker maneuver a few times on the old Andy Griffith show (which I’ve started re-watching. Aside from the two-piece telephones, the humor is less dated than you’d expect. Look for it on Netflix)

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  1. “old Andy Griffith show”

    Ha! I beat you to it about three months ago — watched the Andy Griffith show from beginning to end. He wasn’t a half-bad singer and guitarist, and the hick family that guest-starred occasionally played awesome banjo.

    Barney was the key to the show — it was floundering when he left. As an experiment, they could have dispensed with writers and just let Don Knotts interact with the other characters for half an hour and it probably would have been as enjoyable.



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