Link of the Day: I Check Mine Every Day… Yup, Still an American. Freedom! Whoo-Hoo!

[High Praise! to DuffelBlog]

Satire – WWII vets gather for solemn reminder to check their privilege

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  1. My Uncle, Francis Hilley, passed away on my birthday,October 1st. He was 96. Army Veteran, D-Day Veteran, Family Man, Mentor, Father, Uncle, Brother, Son. Youngest of 13 children, American Born Proud
    Irishman. Never talked about what happened “Over There”. Never shied away from trouble, either. Always
    took care of the kids in the neighborhood. Always ready to help whoever needed it. I will miss him. He was blessed with three daughters, and proud for it. He had many nephews and grandsons to carry on. Sometimes when my Dad, and Uncle Al, and Uncle Frank would do a little drinking, they would talk amongst themselves about buddies long forgotten. And weep. I never knew why, until I came home from “over there”. A different
    time, different war, not so popular… but friends still left behind. God Bless Uncle Frank, and Dad, and Uncle Al, and all the other members of the “Greatest Generation” for showing us the way! They are my Hero’s.



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