Wednesday Night Open Thread

I used to use women’s razors when I was in the Army. I mentioned it on my little bog one time. Essentially, I was in the Army and packing for a field exercise. I was out of my razors, so I grabbed some of my wife’s razors and went with those. People stopped asking to borrow mine when I gave them one of my pink ones. So, I started using the pink ones all the time.

They were actually better. They didn’t hurt as bad when dry shaving. Never knew exactly why.

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Got anything you’d like to share? It’s Wednesday Night Open Thread and your turn to run the show.

Who wants to start?

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    • I, too, was passed over for Sister-Victim-hood. I feel so left out. I live on the West Coast, so I have a plausible excuse why Trump never made a grab for my goodies. But I have been to Hollywood. Not even a D-list actor ever tried to grope the girls. Of course I am a victim just having been born with two X chromosomes in every cell, but there is added cachet to being a Victim of Hollywood. I guess I’ll just have to self-identify as a Weinstein victim, ’cause I want all that sympathy and support and praise for bravely telling my story long after the cat was out of the bag and it was too late to save dozens of others. But hey, they get to be proud victims, too!



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