Saturday Night Open Thread

Did you watch the football game today? Georgia played Auburn earlier today. Their opponents in the SEC championship game is Alabama. And Alabama is playing now.

I have some family members who are Alabama fans. And, their favorite classic rock song is by a band from … Jacksonville, Florida? Yep.

[The YouTube]

That video was from a concert three months before the plane crash.

Wow. That turned into a downer, didn’t it? Not what I had in mind.

So, it’s up to you to come to the rescue. Share something happy, or silly, or interesting. Or sad. Sad is okay, too. It’s Saturday Night Open Thread.

What’s on your mind?

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  1. One of the difficulties of supporting governmental restraint is that you can’t complain about things without either people thinking you’re hypocritically calling for laws against them. I wonder if perhaps some of these open threads could be used as a sort of libertarian confessional? I suspect we’ve all had problems where we know that the only conceivable solutions would just make things worse.


  2. I recently signed up for Facebook only because where I go to church is launching a satellite campus in January which is closer to me. Since I have mentioned I will volunteer for serving, I can keep up with the news on the new campus. Other than that, I don’t get Facebook much.

    Oh, by the way, I enjoy looking at pictures of muscle cars.


  3. The late Lucia Popp, one of the great sopranos, was born November 12, 1939, in Zahorska Ves, Slovakia. Here she is as the Queen of the Night, singing one of the greatest and most difficult soprano arias in all opera, in Mozart’s Magic Flute:



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