Tourism Is Booming

[Submitted by Slapout (High Praise!)]

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  1. Get your voters runnin’
    Never say you’re sorry
    Lookin’ for indenture
    If it’s done our way
    Yeah, Stalin, gonna make it happen
    Fake the world, Bill-of-Love embrace
    Fire all of your missiles at once and
    They’ll explode in your face

    I like smokin’, lyin’
    Heavy metals, plunder
    Puttin’ on a steel boot
    I don’t think that I’ll be under
    Venezuela! Gonna make it happen
    Che world, Bill-of-Love embrace
    Fire all Jong-Un’s at once and
    Collapse in disgrace

    Like a rogue nation’s child
    We were born to be beguiled
    But I’m so high
    Only want a lie

    Born to be “Heil”ed
    Born to be a child . . .



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