Wednesday Night Open Thread

One of life’s great mysteries is solved. Or is it?

[The YouTube]

Is there something you’d like to share? Some discussion you’d like to have? Or a joke you’d like to tell? Whatever is on your mind, share it. It’s Wednesday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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  1. I might have cared about the Duck family at one point, but since the Disney company decided to turn into an SJW wonderland, fighting all that is good and right and civilized, to blazes with them and all their works. If it looks like a duck…


    • To me the mouse has always (well, almost always) represented our two-tiered sytem — how wealth can buy exemptions from the laws (such as copyright expiration rules) that everyone else has to obey.

      Peons have to negotiate the legal system; those with bucks only have to negotiate their exemptions.

      “Who’s the leader of the club
      Outweighing you and me?”



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