Sunday Night Open Thread

I love old movies.

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What’s been on your mind? Got something you’d like to share? A topic to discuss? It’s Sunday Night Open Thread.

Who wants to start?

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The Illustrated Frank J: Did He Have a Portuguese Water Dog Named “Splash”?

[title reference link]


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Link of the Day: I Have a Brother With This Problem

[High Praise! to Mental Floss]

11 Everyday Tasks That Are Tricky for Left Handers

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I’d Probably Starve and Die of Exposure Out There

[Primitive Technology: A-frame hut] (Viewer #4,486,404)

This makes me really appreciate those poor people on Gilligan’s Island.

Oh, and you can hit the “CC” button to turn on subtitles so you know what he’s doing.

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Can They Really Disappear If They Were Never There?

More than a million Twitter followers have disappeared from the accounts of dozens of prominent Twitter users in recent days following criticism over the proliferation of fake accounts.

Huh. Wish it worked that way when we call Democrats out for voting fraud.

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More Politely, “Special Environmental Needs”

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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