I Can’t Afford Puppy Chow Because of How Much They Pay the Spokesdog

Some people are crying “sexism” after a new report shows that male dogs win the Westminster dog show almost twice as often as females.

That makes no sense. Why would you pick male winners when you can pay the females 20% less?

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  1. Oh, ffs. Once an animal has won a few championships, it becomes valuable as a breeder. People want puppies from championship lines. A male dog – aka a dog – does not change in appearance when he is bred. A bitch becomes round with pregnancy, then droopy with lactating, and cannot compete during this time. Also, once she’s had a few litters, she is unlikely to regain her girlish figure and must retire from competition. A perfect bitch and a perfect dog who are likely to win every competition they enter will not have the same number of wins at the end of their careers, because the dog will be competing for many more years than the bitch. Stop trying to drag dog shows into your intersectional bullsh!t, SJWs. You embarrass yourselves enough as it is.



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