Icebreaker: Been Pleasantly Surprised By Anything Lately?

I found a list called “The 25 most popular icebreaker questions based on four years of data“. So I’m gonna post a few, and see what happens.

Your mission: answer the question in the comments with a good story.

If you don’t have a good story, you are encouraged to make one up.

Been pleasantly surprised by anything lately?

Yes. The movie “Sing”. Unlike every other movie I’ve ever seen, the lowest point in the “hero’s journey” takes place on a sunny day, surrounded by bright colors. No darkness. No rain.

I rather liked that.

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  1. Pleasantly surprised recently? Well, yes. When a specialist removed the dead tissue from my right foot, they found new skin underneath! Was a great surprize to everyone, although that had been the hope for the aortic bypass of few months ago. A week ago I walked without pain for the first time since July. Yes, pleasant works for me.



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