Icebreaker: What was your favorite band 10 years ago?

I found a list called “The 25 most popular icebreaker questions based on four years of data“. So I’m gonna post a few, and see what happens.

Your mission: answer the question in the comments with a good story.

If you don’t have a good story, you are encouraged to make one up.

What was your favorite band 10 years ago?

Glenn Miller. I even owned a 78 of “In the Mood

Or possibly Nickelback, but only for that one video.

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  1. 18 years and 4 months ago I owned over 200 CDs. In a move from Germany to the US, they disappeared. I did not listen to much music since then, until about three years ago. I guess my listed favorite band 10 years ago would still have been The Sisters of Mercy, but 2008 was in a time of my life when music was in the back seat to other interests.



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