Link of the Day: Trump’s Up There Going “Stop Endangering Yourself!” To These Democrats

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With Enemies Like This, Donald Trump Doesn’t Need Friends

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  1. Jeez, Louise, Kurt Schlichter writes a good article! He can’t go two sentences without a deft play on words or a memorable turn of phrase.

    The kill shot: the last paragraph, addressed to Democrats:

    Your unreasoning hate, not just of Donald Trump but of the Normal Americans he champions, and your burning desire to take back the power you have lost, has blinded you to the truth. It’s also made you deaf to the coherent, which is why so much of what you say sounds insane to Normal Americans. And that’s why everything else you say is drowned out by the “Whaps!” of you dummies stepping on Trump’s rakes.

    “All in all it’s just another Rake on the Wall.”



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