Monday Night Open Thread

Are you the “tech guy” for family and friends? I am. Well, to a large degree.

There’s a lady from the church who wants a smartphone. Because she wants a smartphone. She’s in her 80s. And wants a smartphone. So, I’m trying to help.

I wrote about it over at my little blog. If you have any thoughts or suggestions beyond what I wrote I was doing, please let me know. Comment over there if you don’t mind, although I will read the comments here, too.

Here, use the comments for whatever you want to talk about. Even if it’s about helping an old churchlady find a smartphone.

We’ve got Monday Night Open Thread going on here. You pick the topic, and run with it as far as folks will let you. Or, run with something someone else says. Or whatever. Like I said, it’s an open thread, and you do with it as you wish.

Who wants to start?

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  1. It’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve thanked Basil for adding the functionality to this site that allows one to edit a post after posting it,

    But boy do I appreciate Basil for adding the functionality to this site that allows one to edit a post after posting it!


  2. I got a Samsung Galaxy Sol 2 at Sam’s Club about six weeks ago – $100 . Works great. Does everything I expect she would need it to do and a 6 inch screen better for older eyes. Cricket service $30 a month for 2 GB of data. That’s not a lot for many people but I would expect it would be more than enough for an older lady especially if she has home Wi-Fi and she’s not using it for GPS.


  3. A transcript from GoodFibbies.

    (Fun Trivia: Catherine Scorsese, the director’s mother, played Tommy’s mother. Nearly the whole scene was actually ad-libbed.)

    MEULLER: Have some more. You hardly retouched anything. Did Comey tell you about my dossier? Look at this.
    (Pulls out a dossier from behind the refrigerator.)

    PRESS: It’s beautiful.

    COMEY: I like this one. One doc goes one way and the other goes the other.

    MEULLER: One’s going east, the other’s going west. So what?

    COMEY: And this guy’s saying, “Whaddya want from me?” The guy’s got a nice head of hair. Beautiful. The video, it looks the same.

    PRESS: Looks like somebody we know.

    COMEY: Without a “beard”! Oh no, it’s him! It’s him.

    (A thumping noise is heard through the open window from the trunk of the car parked outside.)

    COMEY: What’s that?
    [grabs shovel]


  4. Speaking of smartphones, why was Sgt. Carter used so frequently as a character name in tv and radio? The most popular was the Sgt. Carter from Gomer Pyle (RIP Frank Sutton). But there was a Sgt. Carter in Hogan’s Heroes, and a Sgt. Carter in the police drama The Lineup. That’s just three but the name shows up often. This brings us to one of three possible conclusions:
    1. Coincidence
    B. The Bavarian Illuminati
    5. Aliens

    Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about this.


  5. Alfred Carlton Gilbert, the man who invented the Erector Set (a Christmas gift that started me down my path to nerdvana), was born February 13, 1884, in Salem, Oregon.

    Also, Friday the thirteenth is on a Tuesday this week.



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